Christmas Lottery 3 Shadow Mountain by Caty Callahan | Sweet Christian Romances with Adventure

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Christmas Lottery 3 Shadow Mountain by Caty Callahan | Christmas Lottery Sweet Christian Romances

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One hundred thirty-five men. One woman. Three dangerous mountain passes.

A killer out to collect a fortune. A sister out to get justice.

Alex Morgan has no idea his life is in danger. The only reason he entered the race was to entertain his cousin Jason. But the red-headed squirrelly guy named Mike is smart as a whip and solves one puzzle after another. Being on Mike's team is the smartest choice he ever made. He just might win this race.

MaryAnn O'Connor has mourned the death of her sister for a year. During that year she's waited for a chance to catch and kill Missy's killer. Then finally he enters the Christmas Lottery race and opportunity knocks right on her door. But she didn't plan on liking so many of the guys in the race. Now she has to watch their backs as well as her own while trying to stop a murderer from killing any more people.

In the middle of a race across a treacherous mountain, two people are about to fall in love, catch a killer, and have the adventure of a lifetime.